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Short/long-term Mobile Plan


C_USIM_(iphone only)BASIC PLAN


Unlimited domestic calls (excluding commercial calls)*


Unlimited domestic texts


Unlimited data at 3Mbps


A phone number has been used for over 90 days with an ARC bound can be extended

Please select a product

  • 14 days

    20,000 KRW

  • 30 days

    25,000 KRW

  • 60 day

    40,000 KRW

  • 90 day

    50,000 KRW

  • 120 day

    70,000 KRW

  • 150 day

    95,000 KRW

  • 180 day

    120,000 KRW

Please carefully read
the Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions
C_USIM_BASIC PLAN • Only compatible with iPhone. Android phones can not use this plan • C_USIM_ BASIC PLAN is NOT available for hotspot (sharing internet with other devices) A passport registered number will be cancelled once customer leaves Korea, the remaining credit cannot be refunded The plan comes with unlimited data&calling&text (The first 300MB of data is at 4G, it goes to 3Mbps after) The calling is only unlimited with 010/070/080 /household numbers. The period of use will be shortened with commercial calls The extra charge will be deducted from the remaining credits and shorten the period of the plan The plan will be cancelled after it expires without an extension 1 month subscription comes with 30 days service Delivery will be arranged at 5 pm Monday-Friday (KST). It takes 1-2 working days (3-4 days to Jeju Island) Delivery may be delayed depends on the circumstances SIM will be shipped after being activated with domestic delivery.(eg. Reservation on Oct 5th = Activation on Oct 4th) Passport applied mobile service can only be activated after customer passes the Korean immigration Service is only available in Korea The number will be cancelled after the customer departs from Korea due to the expiration of visa The same passport can only activate 1 SIM card once in 94 days. Customers shall bear the risk of failed activation. For airport pickup, SIM will be activated after the collection is confirmed during activation hour (10:00 - 19:00 Mon to Sat). Airport pickup hours: 07:00-21:00 Mon-Sun. Customer service hours: 10:00-19:00 Mon-Sat. Cancellation policy Based on Korean Standard Time (GMT +9:00) Order cancellation 3 days before the SIM collection date: 100% refund 1-2 days before the SIM collection date: Non-refundable Please contact Chungu Mobile customer service at least 3 days before the SIM collection date if you have any changes to your schedule.


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    C_USIM_(iphone only)BASIC PLAN
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    C_USIM_(iphone only)BASIC PLAN
    Сим карта қидириб оввора бўлгим келмади. Клиентлар билан ишлаш жуда яхши сим карта олишда муаммолар булиб қолса хабар бергач 5 минутга қолмасдан жавоб қайтаришади. Муомиласи яхши
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    C_USIM_(iphone only)BASIC PLAN
    좋은 아침이에요 공항에서 카드를 받을 수 없는데, 호텔로 직접 보내주실 수 있나요? 감사해요
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    C_USIM_(iphone only)BASIC PLAN
    Life saver !! , Thank YOUUUUU!!!
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    C_USIM_(iphone only)BASIC PLAN
    저렴하고 편하고 아주 만족합니다.

    이 가격에 통화, 데이터 무제한 이라니!

    한국에 오는 친구 친척에게도 강력 추천하겠습니다.